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Want to know what the newest titles are in LINKcat?

Try the Don't Miss Lists. Listings of new titles in various formats and genres are posted at or near the beginning of each month.

Can't remember the name of the book everyone's talking about? Want to see what the hottest-selling titles are?

You can find lists of best selling titles from Publisher's Weekly and the New York Times. These lists are updated weekly.

Looking for titles to suggest at your next book group meeting? Can't think of what to read next?

The Don't Miss Lists offers lists of good books on different topics. Lists include titles from WHA's Chapter a Day program, Oprah's book club (new and old), and Fiction and Non-Fiction title lists created by Madison Public Library.

Click here for Chapter a Day titles.
Click here for Oprah's new book club titles.

Wonder what types of reading groups there are in Wisconsin?

As we learn about various state-wide reading clubs, we post lists for the titles.

Did you miss the latest award-winning titles?

We regularly post lists of award-winning books and movies. Watch for the following rotating lists throughout the year:

Visit the Don't Miss Lists frequently. Topics change monthly and other lists are updated regularly. You can place a hold directly on any item listed in this option. For more information, see the Placing Holds in LINKcat brochure or contact your local library for assistance.


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