Library Interchange Network

LINK Telecirc
The library telephone information service (608) 242-4700

Using any TOUCH TONE phone, your barcode number, and PIN, you are able to:

When you dial (608) 242-4700, you will hear a voice asking for your library barcode number and your PIN. If you are having difficulty with your PIN, see the Protecting Your Privacy in LINKcat page. When prompted, enter these numbers by pressing the keys on your telephone. You will then hear a list of the choices available; enter the number for your choice and follow the spoken instructions.

The LINK TeleCirc system uses synthesized speech, so please excuse any mispronunciations! LINK TeleCirc is available between the hours of 7 a.m. and 1 a.m. each day.


See LINKcat Help.

This page last updated 11/20/2009.

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