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LinkCAT logo LINKcat is the online catalog of the Dane County Library Service (DCLS)—and so much more! When you use LINKcat you have access to library materials from over 40 libraries that are members of the South Central Library System. You may use your DCLS library card to request any of these library materials, check the status of your requests, see when items you've borrowed are due, and renew those items--as long as someone else isn't waiting for them.

Online Databases
Your library card allows you to locate and use a number of online resources, including:

Information for Students and Teachers

The Internet is a valuable tool, but finding reliable and current information can be a challenge. You've come to the right place!

Information for Readers

Reading tastes are very personal, influenced by factors too numerous to mention. How you find what you read is often haphazard, but it needn't be. There are many online resources that can guide you.

Information about Genealogy

Do you have specific questions about your family's history, or do you just need more general information about how to conduct genealogical research? Either way, this site is for you.

Information for Wellness

Managing your medical, health, fitness, nutrition and recreation information needs can be a daunting challenge, but this site can help.

Information for Investors and Business

Maintaining your competitive business edge is a never-ending challenge, and you need reliable answers to your every-day questions. Whether you have questions about starting a new business, establishing an employee compensation program, or expanding your business through an online store, there are resources here for you.

Information for Consumers

You work hard for your money, so if you have to make a major purchase and want to ensure that you get the most value possible, this site can help.

Full list of online resources


Downloadable Digital Materials

The Wisconsin Public Library Consortium and Overdrive give you access to:


Visit the Digital Download Center to find out what you need to get started.

Additional older titles are available at the EBSCOHost eBook Collection.


Can't find it?

Can't find what you are looking for in LINKcat? Give us a call at the Bookmobile Office (608) 266-9297 or you can request a title through Interlibrary Loan and/or recommend a title for purchase.



Telephone Resources

Telecirc (Harriet)

The Library Automated Telephone Renewal & Notification System: (608) 242-4700

Using any TOUCH TONE phone and your library card barcode number, you are able to:

When you dial (608) 242-4700, you will hear a voice asking for your library barcode number and your PIN number. When prompted, enter these numbers by pressing the keys on your telephone. You will then hear a list of the choices available; enter the number of your choice and follow the spoken instructions.

The LINK Telecirc system uses synthesized speech, so please excuse any mispronunciations! LINK Telecirc is available 24 hours a day.

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