February 22, 2012

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Public Access Computer Policy

  1. Purpose of Public Access Computers
  2. Selection and Gift Guidelines
  3. Staff Guidelines
  4. User Guidelines
  5. Computer Use Guidelines
  6. Internet Acceptable Use Guidelines
  7. Reevaluation of Public Access Computer Policy
  1. Purpose of Public Access Computers
    1. The library's primary purpose in providing public access to computers is to promote computer literacy and electronic information access for library patrons of all ages. The computers can be used for educational and practical uses. The library provides software and CD-ROMs which display a clear educational or practical use.
  2. Selection and Gift Guidelines
    1. Resources used in the selection of software and CD-ROMs include reviews in library and computer journals and from computer users.
    2. The criteria used to select software are generally based on the guidelines found in the library's Collection Development Policy. No software deemed incompatible with the stated purpose of the Collection Development Policy will be selected. Software and CD-ROMs selected will display a clear educational basis or a practical use.
    3. Gifts of software and CD-ROMs will be accepted according to the guidelines of the gift policy stated in the Collection Development Policy. The software and CD-ROMs will be evaluated using the stated selection criteria to determine whether they will become part of the library's collection. The gifts will be given with the understanding that the donated items will become the library's to dispose of as it wishes. The library will not accept gifts of copies of copyrighted, pirated software. Public domain software will be accepted if it meets the selection criteria.
  3. Staff Guidelines
    1. Staff on duty during open library hours are responsible for computer sign-up, monitoring time lengths and solving general problems.
    2. The library staff is not responsible for providing detailed instruction on software. Persons using the computers and the programs are responsible for familiarizing themselves with software via general staff instruction and guidance from instruction manuals.
    3. Although library staff may answer questions and offer searching suggestions, they cannot provide in-depth training on either personal computer strategies or the Internet.
  4. User Guidelines
    1. Persons must have their own valid library card from the South Central Library System to use the computers. Persons may not use another person's library card, even with that person's permission, in order to access library computers. Computers are available only during open library hours and can be scheduled on either a walk-in basis or in advance.
    2. First time users must demonstrate the ability to turn on a computer, load programs and CD-ROMs and show understanding of the instructions and HELP screens.
    3. Users, eight years or younger, must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, care taker, or sibling over 12 years of age to use a computer. The child may not be left alone at the library.
    4. Only TWO people may use each computer at one time, unless staff on duty grant permission otherwise. People MAY NOT congregate at the computers.
    5. Patrons may use computers up to one hour per day. Maximum use per week is three hours. Time scheduled in advance, but not used, is applied to the weekly limit unless the patron notifies the library, ahead of the time, of the cancellation. Staff on duty may permit a time extension of one hour per patron, if other patrons are not inconvenienced or the extra time seems warranted. Peak times will limit each person's time on the computers to ½ hour per day and will be left up the discretion of the staff.
    6. Persons who use the computer assume responsibility for the software during their use. Software and personal belongings should not be left unattended. The Mazomanie Free Library will not be responsible for injuries or damages to possessions of individuals or groups resulting from the use of the computer. Users who ignore or abuse these guidelines may have their computer privileges revoked for a period not less than 2 weeks and not more than 12 months. Persons who wish to contest this can meet with the Mazomanie Free Library Board.
  5. Computer Use Guidelines
    1. Scheduling for the computer is in ½ hour time slots. Time may be extended by the staff on duty if it does not inconvenience other patrons or extra time seems warranted.
    2. If the scheduled user is more than 10 minutes late, a walk-in user may schedule the rest of the computer time in that ½ hour.
    3. Copying and use of copyrighted and license-protected software is prohibited.
    4. Only library software and CD-ROMs may be used in the library's public access computers. Personal disks ONLY will be used to save files from word processing, spreadsheets, or the Internet.
    5. There is a 10 cent per page charge for copies from the printer, however the first three (3) pages are free of charge. Any charges will be paid for at the circulation desk. There is no charge if personal paper is supplied to print resumes.
  6. Internet Acceptable Use Guidelines
    1. In response to advances in technology, the Mazomanie Free Library is endeavoring to develop resources and services that meet the informational, educational, and recreational needs of the community. It is within this context that the library offers access to the Internet.
    2. The Internet offers access to a wealth of materials that are personally, professionally, and culturally enriching to individuals of all ages. It is, however, an unregulated medium with a highly diverse user population. The Mazomanie Free Library cannot control or monitor the vast amount of materials accessible via the Internet. It is possible that individuals might access information that they find personally offensive or disturbing.
    3. The use of the public access computer must be consistent with the informational, educational, and recreational objectives of the Mazomanie Free Library. Accessing or transmitting materials that are obscene or sexually explicit is prohibited. Hate mail, harassment, and discriminatory remarks are unacceptable.
    4. Transmission of any material in violation of any U.S. or state regulations is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, copyrighted materials and threatening or obscene material.
    5. Users shall abide by the rules of network etiquette. This includes appropriate language, respecting the privacy of others, and not disrupting other users. In the event of suspected misuse, electronic email may be monitored.
    6. Sources on the Internet do not always provide accurate, complete, or current information. As with material provided by the library, users must take responsibility in questioning the validity of the information found.The Internet computer equipment and software must be used as installed. Users are not permitted to delete, add to, or modify the installed software or equipment. Users may not use the library computer to make unauthorized entry into any other computer network.
    7. The Mazomanie Free Library Board, with input form the Library Director, reserves the right to determine the nature of inappropriate computer use as defined in:
      1. Obscene material per Wisconsin State statutes : 806.05, 944.20-23 and 948.11.
      2. Pornographic material per Wisconsin State Statute 944.21.
      3. Harassment per Wisconsin State Statute 947.013.
    8. Library Board decisions are final. Individuals shall be responsible for any fees or charges resulting from the misuse of Internet resources, software or hardware. Fees will be set by the Mazomanie Free Library Board.
  7. Reevaluation of Public Access Computer Policy
    1. This policy will be reviewed and appended, if needed, on a yearly basis.