Guidelines for obtaining vital record information
from the Wood County (WI) Courthouse

Do you need a civil record of a birth, marriage or death record—that is, the official record filed by the government?

In Wisconsin, one of two locations for these records is the Register of Deeds office in the courthouse of the county where the event occurred. The Wood County, Wisconsin Courthouse is located at 400 Market Street in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.

According to Register of Deeds Renè L. Krause, if you have the exact names of the (born, married, died) person(s) for which you’re searching and the exact event (birth, marriage, death) date, you can call their office at (715) 421-8450, or e-mail them from their webpage at to find out whether a record for that event is filed there.

(However, if you are not certain of the name, if you’re not certain how that name is rendered in the records, or if you are not sure of the event date, you’ll need to send a written request with the information you have to the Register of Deeds office with payment enclosed for whatever document you want them to search for.)

If a record for an event is listed in an index, a hard copy of that record can be obtained by mail from the Register of Deeds office.  Go to their webpage at to download a form, and to find information on cost, acceptable forms of payment, and where to send your request.

You may also visit the Register of Deeds office in person to research vital records. ID and registration are required, and access to some records requires staff assistance, but all available records can be viewed. Some records, like stillbirths and illegitimate births, are not open to the public. Guidelines for responsible research promulgated by the National Genealogical Society and supported by local genealogical societies are posted and enforced. Please note that out-of-county checks are not accepted as payment for in-person transactions at the Register of Deeds office.

Drafted by Don Litzer, McMillan Memorial Library Head of Adult Services, and Renè L. Krause, Wood County Register of Deeds, last revised May 17, 2005.