Library Trustees

J. D. Witter 1890-1900
Seth Reeves 1890-1896
G. L. Williams 1890-1900
E. P. Arpin 1890-1937
G. F. Witter, Jr. 1890
J. A. Gaynor 1890-1915
F. J. Wood 1890-1925
D. J. Cole 1890
S. A. Spafford 1890-1905
M. S. Pratt 1890-1891
G. R. Gardiner 1890-1899
J. E. Philleo 1890-1900
B. M. Vaughn 1891-1900
The Rev. William Kilbourne 1896
W. H. Reeves 1896-1905
E. B. Brundage 1899-1905
George M. Hill 1900-1902
L. M. Nash 1900-1902
Frank Garrison 1900
George P. Hambrecht 1900-1904
I. P. Witter 1900-1942
H. S. Youkers 1904-1909
Mrs. R. B. Goggins 1905-1907
Mrs. T. A. Lipke 1905
Mrs. John Daly 1905-1951
Mrs. George Gibson 1907-1912
B. E. Schewde 1909-1919
Mary B. Kaudy 1912-1929
Mrs. George Hambrecht 1915
Mabel MacFarland Gottschalk 1915-1916
Ben Hanson 1916-1927
Edgar D. Doudna 1919-1923
Julius Winden 1923-1936
T. A. Taylor 1925-1947
Miss Mary McMillan 1927-1942
Mrs. J. J. Jeffrey 1929-1957
Floyd Smith 1936-1953
Guy Babcock 1937-1947
Miss Anna McMillan 1942-1957
William J. Taylor 1942-1953
George Mead 1947-1951
Alice M. Hayward 1951-1970
The Rev. A. W. Triggs 1951-1952
A. W. ZelImer 1951-1970
C. E. Jackson 1952-1956
The Rev. M. C. Feldt 1953-1957
Ray Clausen 1953-1976
Richard Brazeau 1955-1968
Margaret L. McCourt 1957-1986
The Rev. Warren Sautebein 1957
Mrs. Philleo Nash 1957-1961
George Mead II 1961-1970
Gloria B. Schneider 1963-1974
Jack Gennaro 1968-1979
Judge Dennis Conway 1970-1978
Kathryn Kyle Endrizzi 1970-1981
George Hardina 1970-1973
Nancy T. Gilbert 1970-1981
The Rev. Calvin Fischer 1970-1985
George O'Brien 1973-1981
Eleanor T. Barrett 1974-1980
Thomas Lenk 1976-1982
Ellen Sabetta 1978-1986
Leon Schmidt, Jr. 1979-1989
Patricia S. Orcutt 1980-1986
Berniece Nobles 1981-1987
James Retzlaff 1981-1987
Lyle Tenpas 1981-1996
Calvin Hagen 1982-1985
Yvonne Ellie 1985-1987
The Rev. Kenneth D. Hanson 1985-1988
Barbara Brennan 1986-1991
Janice Becker Rasmussen 1986-1992
Winn Bukowski 1986-1989
Jacqueline Miller 1987-1995
Kathryn Daly 1987-1996
Dr. Richard Wasson 1987-1991
Dr. Thomas Marshall 1988-1997
Charles Lester 1989-
James T. Quinn 1989-
Timothy Laatsch 1991-1995
Dean Ryerson 1991-
Mavis Judge 1991-1993
Mary Jo Hane 1992-
Eloise Brehm 1993-1999
Bruce McMiller 1996-1999
Dr. Clifford Starr 1996-
Catherine Boyce 1996-1997
Linda Vollert 1997-
William Lindroth 1997-
Donna Smart 1999-
Larry Jorgenson 1999-

Library Directors

T. B. Scott Free Public Library and McMillan Memorial Library

Miss Grace Balderston 1890-1891
Miss Floy Philleo 1891-1892
Miss Laura Reeves 1892-1893
Mrs. E. B. Brundage 1893-1895
Mrs. W. R. Raymond 1895-1900
Miss Anna Evans 1900-1901
Miss Edith Rablin 1901-1918
Miss Jennie Schrage 1918-1919
Miss Olea Solheim 1919-1921
Miss Ruth Rutzen 1921-1924
Miss Margaret Reeves 1924-1926
Miss Esther Erdman 1927-1929
Miss Dagney Borge 1929-1934
Miss Barbara Daly 1934-1940
Miss Jessie Sanford 1940-1953
    Isabelle Herrick and Grace Hammer, Assistants
Miss Edith Dudgeon 1953-1975
Mr. Ramon Hernandez 1975-1983
Miss Annette Basler (Acting Director, 1983)
Mr. William J. Wilson 1984-1991
Mr. Kenneth Hall (Acting Director, 1991)
Mr. Ronald B. McCabe 1991-

Presidents of Friends of
McMillan Memorial Library

Max Hughson 1967-1971
Portia Rowe 1971-1973
Ralph Boyer 1973-1975
Dever Spencer 1975-1976
Judy Steele 1976-1977
Lila Collett 1977-1979
John Crook 1979-1981
Jan Sisley 1981-1985
Hazel Aton 1985-1987
Jane Fey 1987
Patricia Berklund 1987-1992
Kathleen Clark 1992-1995
Ann Rowland 1995-1997
Linda Lucht 1997-1999
Jean Fritz 1999-

Note: The above lists have been updated through September 2000.

In Appreciation

Much of today's library has been created by those civic minded people who have given gifts of both service and money. All of their names deserved to be mentioned in this story, but sheer numbers made this impossible.

Since the stories of the major benefactors who created our libraries needed to be told, this narrative mentioned the persons whose gifts and bequests were above an arbitrarily set sum, and it included the names of organizations that have, for long periods of time, contributed support for library services.

To the hundreds of people who have given memorials and have voluntarily worked on library projects goes the deep gratitude of those who love the library and appreciate all it has given to them.

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