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These photographs were collected and annotated by Marlys Steckler. 
McMillan Memorial Library has prepared them for the Internet with her permission. 
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Vesper store

Finhelt Hotel, Vesper
Finhelt Hotel

Fire burnout 1898 West of Creek, Vesper
Fire burnout 1898 West of Creek

Vesper's pride

1906 Town of Hansen Sawmill
1906 Town of Hansen Sawmill

  1. W. H. Bean
  2. D. Woodruff
  4. Lippe
  5. Kiep
  7. Herman Zager
  8. Oscar Bean
  9. F. Stake
  10. Behling
  11. Juneo
  12. Al Mask


Vesper 1903

Herman Dassow’s Store, Post Office, Goldsworthy’s, Summers, Lutheran Church, Woodruff's, Schecks’

Herb Bean’s Store
Herb Bean’s Store

Herb Bean’s Store

In July 1898, Carsten Otto started a creamery.  He sold it 2-3 years later to Ferdinand and Theodore Albert of Maryville.  The company was known as the F. Albert Dairy Company and operated until it was destroyed by fire, seven years later.

Vesper Christian Reformed Church was organized in 1898.  It was located in a frame building 2 ˝ miles northeast of the village.    Most of the congregation was Dutch.  They built a new building in 1905 which they enlarged in 1913.  Early pastors were:  Reverend Thomas DeLang, Rev. Arthur Guikema, Rev. Evert Van Korlaar, Rev. Dirk Wiednaar, Rev. John Van Den Hoek.

On 9/11/1916, the Dutch Reformed Church was organized.  It was later named the Faith Reformed Church.  In 1948, the church moved to Wisconsin Rapids and a new building was dedicated in September. 

Hotel Monogram, Vesper
Left:  Ellsworth? Trickey
Right:  Pearl Stone Brown

Vesper State Bank

Owen Oliver and George E. Martin established the Vesper State Bank in 1911. It was capitalized at $10,000 with a surplus of $2,500. The president was: George E. Martin, v-president: Owen Oliver, cashier: Burton Jones

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