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Buying and Selling on eBay

Before You Buy/Sell on eBay

How to Buy on eBay

  1.  eBay Learning Center - It's free, it's comprehensive, it's from a reliable source.

  2. Get an account. Once you register, you can bid and sell. Otherwise, you can only window shop.

  3. Find what you want. Most often, you will run a keyword search, but use the directories to your advantage.

  4. Badly listed items sells for less (if you can find them) as do badly described items.

  5. My eBay. Keeps track of purchases, sales, bids, watched items.

  6. Evaluate. 

  7.  Different ways to buy or bid.

  8. Paying for it.

How to sell on eBay

  1. Know what you are selling. What model number? How old? What condition? Warranty? Return policy?

  2. Auction or set price? Reserve? Display options.

  3. Enter details

  4. Set a reasonable price. Check completed sales. Relisting takes time=money.

  5. Preview listing and fee.

  6. Be prepared to answer questions.

Sales income and expenses

Sale of a used DVD
Listed and sold  =  $.99
Shipping = $3.00 (the maximum for a DVD)
Total income = $3.99
Shipping (USPS) = $1.72
Cost of mailing bag = $.40 (bought in bulk)
Paypal fee = $.42 (2.9% of $3.99+ $.30)
eBay fees
 Insertion fee = $.10 (no extras)
 Final Value fee = $.09 (8.75% of $.99)
Total expenses = $2.73

Net = $1.26

Other Options

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Last updated 11/06/2012