An Introduction to Windows, Email and the Internet

An Introduction to Windows -  New User Tutorial

Some other useful tricks

  1. Windows Explorer and organizing your files.
  2. Size, minimize and maximize windows.
  3. Cut, copy, paste.
  4. Making the screen easier to read. F11=Full screen, Control+ = increase font size, Control Panel | Display  (Appearance | font size  and Settings | Resolution), Tool bars.

Where to learn more about Windows:

An Introduction to the Internet - Basic Web Lessons

Some other useful tricks

  1. Text size - make it easy on your eyes with Control +/-.
  2. Favorites and organizing them.
  3. Find within a page with Control F
  4. Options - Home and how to choose it.
  5. Right click on image- Set as wallpaper. Here is a background you can use and step by step instructions.
  6. Right click on link- Open in new window or tab.
  7. Some documents open in Acrobat, which works differently.

More things you should know about the Internet

  1. Invisible Internet (for example Social Security Death Index).
  2. Discussion groups, such as TimesFour and Google Groups.
  3. Blogs, which can range from very serious to much less so.
  4. Genealogy, such as Cyndi's List, HeritageQuest and Newspaper Archive, but that is another program.
  5. Social sites: Facebook, Flickr (for photos), YouTube (for video).
  6. Music: Grooveshark and Pandora

Where to learn more about the Internet and Browsers

Additional Tutorials

Local Programs

Some Freebies