Story of a raftsman’s life on the Wisconsin River.

    Story of a raftsman’s life on the Wisconsin River. Portland, Me. : Chisholm Bros., [between 1887 and 1899].

    Note: "Published by Chisholm Bros - Portland, Me. Sole Agents for Chas. Frey's Original Souvenir Albums."

    OCLC: 60379643

This book is a collection of 37 engravings based on a series of photographs taken by H.H. Bennett in 1886 of a group of raftsmen from the Grand Rapids (Wisconsin Rapids) area during their journey down the Wisconsin River. Chisholm Bros. published this work as part of  "Chas. Frey's Original Souvenir Albums of All American & Canadian Cities & Sceneries Souvenir Books." Though this book is rare, it contains engravings of some of Bennett's most famous photographs. It does not include the entire "Raftsman" series of  photographs Bennett took.

Individual engravings with comments
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