Friends of the Middleton Public Library Newsletter

December 2000


About Us

The Friends of the Middleton Public Library is a group with members from the city and surrounding areas.  The Friends work with the library staff and library board to enhance and improve library services to the community. 

To learn more about the Friends and the Library, visit the Middleton Public Library website at: Click on “Friends of the Library.”

Year 2000 Annual Meeting

This year the Friends of the Middleton Public Library will hold their 28th annual meeting.  The meeting which initially was planned to be held on October 14th has been re-scheduled for April 21st to coincide with the April book sale. Watch for information about the annual meeting in future issues of this newsletter.


November  Board Meeting

Topics discussed at the November Friends Board meeting included the slate of officers for the coming year and  scheduling and programming for the annual meeting. Arrangements for the annual meeting will be finalized at the next Friends Board meeting to be held February 19th.  At the annual meeting it will be proposed that the by-laws for the Friends be amended to change the current president-elect office to vice president.  The vice president could--but would not necessarily--succeed to president.  Thus persons interested in serving on the board who accept the vice president position would not be making a commitment to serve for 4 years. Anyone who is interested in serving on the Friends Board should contact James Stewart at 836-1338.



Upcoming Book Sales


Dates for book sales for 2001 are:

         January 20th  9:00 am to 1:00 p.m.

         April 21st   9:00 am to 1:00 p.m.

         June (date to be determined)

         September 21st  5:00 to 7:00 p.m. (for Friends members only)

         September 22nd   9:00am to 1:00 p.m.

( $5/bag sale  2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

         November 17th  9:00 am to 1:00 p.m.



Nothing like a Good Book on a Rainy Night


Despite the rainy and gloomy weather Friday night the September book sale was the most successful book sale ever!  Sales totaled $2,211.75 and an additional $181 was received for memberships.   Book sales typically generate over half of the revenue raised by the Friends.  Other sources of revenue include: paperback book rack and library merchandise sales ( each accounting for approximately 14 % of the revenue received), memberships (accounting for approximately 10%), donations ( approximately 2%)  and interest income  (also approximately 2%).  Total budgeted revenue for  calendar year 2000 is  $11,212.96.



How Are Funds Raised by the Friends Used?


The primary use of funds raised by the Friends is to provide resources and support programs for the Library. Over half of the money the Friends raise goes for basic funding to support the library’s volunteer program and special programs for patrons like the summer reading program. Approximately 40 percent of the funds are used to purchase special materials such as books on CDs or CD equipment not available through the regular library budget. Only about 6 percent of the funds raised are used for operating expenses such as postage/printing or advertising. At its January meeting the Friends Board approved requests from library staff totaling $9,270.  Included were:

         Children’s services:   $2,150 entertainers, $650 summer reading prizes, $250 miscellaneous.

         Teen services:  $795 summer reading program, $555 other programs, $60 book discussions, $60 teen advisory council.

         Adult services: $2500 programs.

         Staff/volunteer activities: $600 April volunteer recognition, $600 staff inservice, $100 October page staff meeting, $100 volunteer Christmas party, $100 candy for volunteer table, $500 staff holiday party,   $250 Library 10th anniversary celebration.



Children’s Summer Reading Program

Children's librarian Eve Robillard would like to thank the Friends for helping to make another Summer Reading Program possible. Eve writes:

This year, as in other years, funding from the Friends purchased prizes for the 506 children (ages 3 1/2--12) who took part in the Summer Reading Incentive. Children visited the Treasure Chest
once each week (if they had read or been read to) for at least an hour that week. Sixteen volunteers helped staff the Treasure Chest and helped sign up children and then record their reading time and help them choose a prize.
Cost of prizes: $468.22! The Friends also helped to fund several of our performers: Gloria Hays, folksinger; Bob Kann, magician and storyteller; and Mary Tooley, who presented two "Art in a Suitcase" programs.
Friends' contribution toward entertainers' fees: $750.00

This was a most enjoyable summer, and we thank the Friends for their generosity. Without your support, this program could not have taken place! I cannot tell you how many smiles these Treasure Chest prizes and talented entertainers brought to the children of this area!


Memorial Fund 

We are sad to report that Gary Wegner died on November 12, 2000. Gary had just completed 6 years as Treasurer of the Friends Board.  He skillfully managed the funds of the Friends and was a strong and dedicated member of the Board. Those interested in contributing to a Library donation in his honor should send a check payable to the Middleton Library with a note of attention to the Director Paul Nelson.  Because Gary was very fond of classical music, donations will be used to expand the music CD collection.



Membership Information

You can become a member of the Friends or renew your current membership at the Library, at any of the book sales, or by mail.  Checks should be made out to the “Friends of the Middleton Public Library.”  The Library’s address is 7425 Hubbard Avenue, Middleton, Wisconsin 53562.  Individual memberships are $5, household memberships $10, student memberships $2, and business or organization memberships $25. If you received this newsletter by mail and are currently a member of the Friends, the date on the mailing label indicates when your membership expires. 


In addition to supporting the Library, benefits of Friends membership include an opportunity to shop book sales during “members only” hours and receipt of the Friends newsletter and other informational mailings.