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Confidentiality of Library Records

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Circulation Policy

Approved 4/14/2011

I. Patron Registration

Application Process

  1. Applicants must complete the card application and provide valid photo identification and proof of current address. A list of acceptable forms of identification is available in the LINK Circulation Manual. 
  2. Applicants under the age of 14 must have a parent or legal guardian’s signature on the application. 
  3. Young adults (age 14-17) without valid photo identification and proof of current address require a parent or legal guardian’s identification and signature.

            South Central Library System (SCLS) Residents

  1. Reedsburg Residents will be issued a Reedsburg Library Card
  2. Rural Residents of Sauk County will be issued a Sauk County Card
  3. Residents that reside in a community with a SCLS library will be issued a 30-day temporary card and application will be forwarded to their home library for issuance of a permanent card.

Non-SCLS Residents / Reciprocal Borrowers

  1. Applicants who live in a Wisconsin library system with a reciprocal borrowing agreement with SCLS may apply for a library card.  Applicant must present a borrower’s card from their home system, valid photo ID and proof of current address.  An SCLS barcode will be added to the patron’s existing card.
  2. Applicants from systems without a reciprocal borrowing agreement with SCLS are not eligible for borrowing privileges.  In Wisconsin, this is limited to residents of Milwaukee County.
  3. Application forms for the Winding Rivers and Southwest Library Systems are available.  We will forward the completed form provided by these systems to the home library or system headquarters.  We will issue a 30-day temporary card, so the patron can use our library in the interim.

Temporary Registration

    1. Seasonal workers, students and other temporary residents are eligible for a library card.  Applicants must show a valid photo ID and proof of current local address. 
    2. If the address provided will be valid for less than 120 days or if a permanent address is not provided, the account type will be Limited Use, restricting the patron to a three-item limit.
    3. If a temporary resident is staying with relatives in the area, it will be suggested that the relative may register for a card and allow their guest to use it.

Child Custody

    1. The library patron database permits just one library account per person.
    2. If shared custody or a change in guardianship impacts a child’s registration, the situation will be referred to the parents to work out, through legal means, if necessary. 
    3. Parents may choose to use their own card for their children’s materials if a custody issue is a concern.
    4. Parents may be asked to present the card or reasonable proof of guardianship to receive or change information in a child’s record.

Card Updates and Replacement

    1. Automatic address update requests occur at regular intervals.  Staff will ask the patron to state current address, phone, birthdate and file the record.  ID and proof of address may be requested for confirmation. 
    2. New cards are issued at a charge of $1.00 if card is lost or damaged.
    3. Free replacement is permitted if a patron has moved.

Special Rules and Circumstances
Registration scenarios not addressed above or provided for within the LINK Circulation Manual will be at the discretion of the Library Director.




III. Confidentiality of Library Records

Public Library records. (1m) Records of any library which is in whole or in part supported by public funds, including the records of a public library system, indicating the identity of any individual who borrows or uses the library’s documents or other materials, resources or services may not be disclosed except by court order or to persons acting within the scope of their duties in the administration of the library or library system, to persons authorized by the individual to inspect such records, to custodial parents or guardians of children under the age of 16 under sub.(4), to libraries under subs. (2) and (3), or to law enforcement officers under sub. (5).

The Board interprets this document to include all transactions associated with the use of library materials including interlibrary loan hold shelf, records of reference questions, computer use and other documents or electronic records which would link the individual with particular materials or services.