Irish Fiction

(March, 2003)

Barry, Sebastian The Whereabouts of Eneas McNulty
Barry, Sebastian Annie Dunne
Binchy, Maeve Glass Lake
Binchy, Maeve

The Cooper Beach

Binchy, Maeve A Circle of Friends
Binchy, Maeve Echoes
Carey, Lisa Mermaids Singing
Doyle, Roddy The Woman who walked into doors
Eastman, Daniel Night of the Apocalypse
Emerald Enchantment
Gill, B.M. Death of an Irish Simer
Gill, B.M. Death of an Irish Seawolf
Gordon, Mary The Other Side
Hoff, B.J. Song of the Silent Harp
Hoff, B.J. Heart of the Lonely Exile
Hoff, B.J. Dawn of the Golden Promise
Joyce, James Ulysses
Keady, Walter Mary McGreevy
O'Faolain, Nvala My Dream of You
Ripley, Alexandra Scarlett
Roberts, Nora Irish Hearts
Roberts, Nora Jewels of the Sun
Roberts, Nora Tears of the Moon
Roberts, Nora Heart of the Sea
Roberts, Nora Born in Ice
Ross, JoAnn A Woman's Heart
Uris, Leon Trinity
Uris, Leon Redemption
Williams, Niall As It is in Heaven
MacCool, Last Prince of Ireland
Greeley, Andrew Angel Light
Greeley, Andrew Irish Love
McGrail, Nuala Irish Mist
Forde, Katie Artistic License
Simonson, Shelia Malarkey
Kelly, Mary Jenny Rose
Dicey, Deere Irish Cairn Murder

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March is Craft Month- Fiction Display


Knitting Books Quilting Fiction
Cat who Saw Stars- Lillian Jackson Braun
Wuthering Heights- Emily Bronte
Death Goes Shopping- Jessica Burton
Miss Marple Mysteries- Agatha Christie
Farewell to Yarns- Marele Day
Lambs of God- Marele Day
Tale of Two Cities- Charles Dickens
Reasons to Live- Amy Hempel
Mister Sandman- Barbara Gowdy
The Rat- Gunter Grass
A Good Yarn- Debbie Macomber
Shop on Blossom Street-Debbie Macomber
Thursdays at Eight- Debbie Macomber
Stitch in Snow- Debbie Macomber
Shipping News- Annie Proulx
Cashmere- Nicola Thorne
To the Lighthouse- Virginia Woolf

The Quiltmaker's Gift- Jeff Brumbeau
The Quilt- Davis Bunn
Quilter's Apprentice- Jennifer Chiaverini
Round Robin- Jennifer Chiaverini
The Persian Pickle Club-Sandra Dallas
Fool's Puzzle- Earlene Fowler
Goose in the Pond- Earlene Fowler
Murders on Elderberry Road- Sally Goldenbaum
The Healing Quilt- Lauraine Snelling
Twelve Golden Threads- Aliske Webb


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