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One of the primary missions of the library is to provide a variety of services for people of all
ages. The library encourages visits by children, and it is our desire to make these visits both
memorable and enjoyable for the child. Parents are asked to come with their children, not only
for their own safety, but to show respect for other Library patrons. Library staff cannot assume
responsibility for the care of unsupervised children in the library.

All children age 7 and under shall be attended to and adequately supervised by a responsible
adult or caregiver 12 years of age or older. The caregiver must be with the child at all times
while in the library.

Children ages 8 or older may be in the library unattended for a period of time not to exceed 4
hours, provided that their behavior is not disruptive to other customers or staff members. Parents
are responsible for their children’s behavior while at the library.

A child of any age who is unable or unwilling to follow the rules of the library or the direction of
library staff or whose behavior is disruptive to customers or staff members may be required to
have appropriate supervision while in the library.

A caregiver who is unwilling or unable to properly supervise children in his or her care will be
reminded about the need for supervision and appropriate library behavior. If inadequate
supervision or behavior problems causing disturbance to library users or operations continue, the
family or group may be asked to leave the library.

For children under age 5, a parent or other caregiver must remain in the library while the children
are attending library programs. When older children attend library programs, a parent or
caregiver is expected to pick up their children as soon as the program ends.
While the majority of children are ready to come to the library unsupervised at the age
minimums given here, many are not. Parents should keep their children's needs in mind when
deciding at what age they are prepared for the responsibility of caring for themselves in a public
and busy place such as the library.

When concerns arise about a child left unsupervised, library staff will attempt to contact a parent.
If a parent cannot be reached within a reasonable amount of time or if the library is closing, staff
may contact the Reedsburg Police Department to ensure the child's well being and may turn the
child over to the police. The responding officer should make the determination about whether or
not the child may return home alone.


Updated: 11JUL2013

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