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To search the index to Reedsburg newspapers for genealogy information (Births, Obituarys or Marriages):

Please make a copy of these instructions before you open the Web connection.

   1. Go to LINKcat Web
   2. Click on Newspapers
   3. Go to Reedsburg Newspapers
(We can't help you if you are searching newspapers from other cities.)
   4. You can do two types of searches:

 Key Words

The key word search will locate articles which include the word or combination of words you enter in the title or abstract. Omit insignificant words such as a, an, the and of. You can enter a family name to find all entries for that family. To find a birth, death or marriage announcement for a family name or or person, enter the name and one of the following words: "birth", "obituary", or "marriage.

Exact Subject Headings

You have selected the Exact SUBJECT HEADINGS search. Enter a name to search for birth, obituary and marriage announcements. Names should be entered in the format last name followed by the first name.

5. Your session may open several windows. There is a Frequently Asked Questions Page that may provide assistance.

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Updated:February 20, 2008