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Wisconsin and the United States

America's Story from America's Library
The Library of Congress presents an interactive history of the United States with games and exhibits.

Ben's guide to the U.S. Government 

Everything you ever wanted to know about the United States government!  Learn about the different branches of the government, how laws are made, and US citizenship.  There's plenty for children of just about any age, from K-12.

Fifty States and Capitals

Loaded with lots of quick facts about each of the 50 states.


Learn about the the US government and being a citizen through the games at iCivis.  This is great for upper elementary and middle school age children.

Kids in the House

The kids' page for the US House of Representatives.  Learn how laws are made and what members of Congress do with information geared do different ages from grades K-12.

State of Wisconsin Kids Page 

This site has links to lots of other great pages for kids sponsored by different Wisconsin agencies.  Visit the Wisconsin Tourism page, the Wisconsin State Historical Society, and more.

Wisconsin Historical Society

This page is built especially for students.  Check out lists of Wisconsin firsts and state symbols, navigate a timeline of the state's history, and explore Odd Wisconsin.