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Library Board

Margene Anderson - President

Jacki Martindale - Vice-President

Brent Benjamin - Financial Secretary

Al Guyant - City Council Representative

Tiffany Thiede - SPASD liaison

Renee Gabel

Fr. Mike Tess

Kenneth Wenzel


The Library Board meets the second Thursday of every month at 5 p.m. in the library Conference Room.  Click here if you would like apply for service.

October 2014 Minutes (pending approval)

October 2014 Board Packet

September 2014 Minutes

August 2014 Minutes

July 2014 Minutes

June 2014 Minutes

May 2014 Minutes

April 2014 Minutes

March 2014 Minutes

February 2014 Minutes

January 2014 Minutes

December 2013 Minutes

November 2013 Minutes

October 2013 Minutes (meeting cancelled)


Bylaws of the Board of Trustees