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LINK Hold and Overdue Notice Options

Why get LINK notices via email?

Contact your local library to change your LINK notification options!

If you are already signed up for email notification but your email address has changed, log into My Account in LINKcat and click on Profile to update your email address.

Email notices may be marked as spam by your email provider. To fix this, configure your email to access email from the domain.

Telephone notices for holds

Telephone notices are limited to Wisconsin area codes only. When your LINK hold becomes available, you will receive an automated telephone call. A synthesized voice will tell you, or your answering machine, that an item is being held, where it is being held, and until what date. You will continue to receive overdue notices via postal mail.

If you wish to know the actual titles being held, you may:

No notices

You may also choose to receive no notices at all.


See LINKcat Help.

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Last updated: 11/23/2009

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