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Placing holds in LINKcat couldn't be easier!

To add your name to the waiting list for an item, or to have an item shipped from one library to another, place a hold in LINKcat. When the item becomes available at your chosen pickup location, you will be notified. The amount of time that it takes to fill a hold varies greatly depending on the circumstances, but many holds are filled within a few days.

To place a hold

Search for a title you're interested in (for more on Searching, see Basic Searching brochure).

If you are in a library, check to see if the library owns a copy by looking for the red flag next to a title - also, the library's copies will display first. If the library owns a copy, and the status is "In Library," note the location and call number and look for it on the library shelf.

If the library does not own a copy, if their copy is not available, or if you are not in a library, you may place a hold on the title. You may initiate the hold from the list of brief title information or from the full title display by clicking on Request Item.

You will next be prompted to enter your library card number and PIN. Barcodes begin with 29078 or 29369, but it is not necessary to key in this portion of your barcode. Note: PINs are required. If you are having difficulty with your PIN, see the Protecting Your Privacy in LINKcat page

At the Request Confirmation screen, you may select a location to pick up the item or accept the default. The default location is the library at which you registered. (To change this default location, contact your local library.) Once you have chosen a location, click on the Request button. You will be notified by whatever method (regular mail, telephone, or email) that you've chosen in the past. To change your notification method, contact your local library.

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Placing Holds on Magazines

To place a specific magazine issue on hold, first Search for the magazine title under Format/Magazine Title. Some, but not all, magazine titles have individual records and holdings information for specific years. Magazine titles will include the word magazine in parentheses as part of the title. For example: Cats (magazine).

When you've located the magazine title you want, click on the title, then click on Holdings located under the Item Information column. (If you do not see the Holdings option, you will need to click on the Magazine title.) From there, choose the specific issue you want and click Request this Copy. Follow the rest of the hold process as described previously.

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Problems with Placing Holds?

Can't place a hold? Some libraries block holds based on overdue fines or lost items. If you have trouble placing a hold, contact your local library. If you wish to place a hold on a specific copy, other than a magazine title, contact your local library.

Managing your hold list

Once you have placed items on hold, there are several things you can do to manage your holds list. Check Managing Holds in LINKcat for more information.


See LINKcat Help.

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This page last updated 5/1/2007.

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