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A PIN is required to use your library card in LINKcat and Telecirc. If you did not have a PIN in your record prior to January 18, 2006, one was assigned for you and it is either your birth day (mmdd) or 0101.

If you have difficulty logging in, try entering your birth day (mmdd) as your PIN. If that does not work, try 0101. If a PIN was assigned for you, you should change your PIN to something that is easy for you to remember; particularly if your new PIN is 0101. See Change Your Existing PIN.

For maximum protection of your personal information in LINKcat:

Change an Existing PIN

A PIN (personal identification number) is a safeguard to ensure only you have access to your record. Library staff should give you a PIN when you register. The PIN will be required, along with your library card number (barcode), whenever you log in. If you do not have a PIN, you will not be able to place holds, access My Account save a list in My List, or use certain features in Telecirc.

To Change your existing PIN:

If you Log in, then Log out

If you log in…

To Log in, click on My Account. Enter your library barcode number and, if you have one, your PIN

. …remember to log out!

For your protection, you should log out when you are finished using LINKcat. This is particularly important when you're using a shared computer, like those in the library. Check the upper right corner of your screen. If your name appears there, click Logout.

LINKcat only keeps track of what you currently have checked out

The online information linked to your profile in the LINKcat database is a list of titles you have out, overdue fines you owe, or items you have lost or claimed to have returned. The library does not keep track of items once they have been checked in and associated transactions (e.g., fines) have been resolved.

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