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This page is http://www.scls.lib.wi.us/staff, last updated June 13, 1996. DEPRECATED. SEE HTTP://psw.scls.lib.wi.us/ and HTTP://automation.scls.lib.wi.us

Here you will find links to a growing set of documentation and training materials in hypertext format. Updates will occur as often as time permits. Major revisions will be announced using established SCLS mailing lists, memo groups or email groups as appropriate. Revisions will also be posted in the www/staff/news directory.

Please note that the /staff branch of the web server is not intended for public browsing (even though security-sensitive documents are not mounted on the web server). This is why there are no links from the SCLS home page to the /staff directories. Essential public information is mounted at the root level of the web server at http://www.scls.lib.wi.us.

Using URL Shortcuts in LINK (www/staff/shortcuts.html)
Because LINK library LANs are branches of the SCLS Internet domain, users of LINK network access stations may use shortcut URLs to access SCLS network services. Here's how...

Acceptable Use Policies (www/staff/policy)
This page presents and explains the formal administrative policies which govern network services in the SCLS Internet domain. All network service users are expected to understand and abide by these common sense rules.

How to Get Help (www/staff/help)
This page is a guide to getting help with SCLS and LINK network services.

New User Orientation (www/staff/orientation)
This page is a guide to essential orientation and training materials for network services. Anyone who is new to computers, to LINK, or to the Internet should review these materials.

Breaking Ground and New Information (www/staff/news)
This page will be updated as often as any area of the web server is updated, so that you can be informed of changes that might not be obvious otherwise. Visit this page frequently.

Core Network Services (www/staff/core)
This page gives an overview of the many network services being planned or provided by LINK and SCLS. Hyperlinks on the page give access to a detailed discussion of each service and how they are interconnected.

Network Service Modules (www/staff/modules)
This page is a guide to online documentation for network service operations. This documentation set will eventually describe all the separate pieces that make up the core network services, and will tell you how to use these resources.

The SCLS Email Directory (www/staff/addresses.html)
This page is an alphabetical directory of email addresses, sorted by agency or affiliation.

The Network Services FAQ (www/staff/faq.html)
This page reviews and tries to answer some of the frequently asked questions about LINK and SCLS network services.